I’m back! 

In a flash My little boy is now 16 months old. 

16 months old! … It feels like it was only yesterday that I was writing the below posts, discussing the issues I had during my pregnancy and how sick I was. Thinking about it now makes my whole body shiver. I was SO poorly. I’ve managed to blank a lot of it out. 
The reason I haven’t posted in such a long time is simply due to the madness of it all! 
Since posting I’ve had my son, returned to work and got married! My plan is to back step a few and write all the happenings down. I loved writing my blog and took huge pride in sharing my issues/life and findings. Whenever someone messaged me about their own sickness issues and thanked me for what I had written it made me want to write even more. I know myself whenever anything happens to me one of the first things I do is reach for my phone or iPad, get onto google and search for anything similar. There is something a little reassuring about knowing it isn’t just YOU going through something. That’s the whole reason I started writing in the first place, that and that I find it quite a therapeutic thing to do.  I over think everything, Always. Its something I am working on. So It’s nice to get it out and write it down. 

I will over the next few weeks rewind back to the days my little bear was born right on to the days I am now at, still trying to work out how to be a parent, work whilst being a parent and we are also house hunting. It really doesn’t ever stop! I love it, the challenges are challenging but I really do love it. ❤ 

Creating your Dream Nursery on a Budget 👶

Ever since finding out we were having a baby boy I have had a growing imagination about how I could invisage our first ever nursery looking. 

I have spent many sleepless nights pinning a variety of pictures to my Pinterest board, aimlessly searched through baby magazines, baby and children’s online retail pictures and walked around ‘dream’ set ups in baby stores. 

One of the things I instantly realised is how expensive everything is. Ok I want the nursery to be beautiful & of course perfect but not as a result of spending an absolute fortune. 

I can understand why people do spend a fortune, just like weddings. We want perfection but I want to prove it doesn’t mean spending loads. I am planning a wedding and the arrival of our first baby so I know that the moment the word ‘wedding’ or ‘baby’ is used the £ signs are high. 
I personally decided I didn’t want to spend £500 plus on our furniture. In my head I knew exactly what I wanted though, so I decided every day to keep an eye out for little pieces/furniture and all the things I wanted but with a price in mind.  


 I knew I wanted a 3 piece white furniture set, I kept an eye out on all of the sales on line and compared lots of websites and stores. I found you get what you pay for. The cheaper budget furniture had terrible reviews and of course the high priced pieces were highly recommended. I spent many days working my way through Gumtree the local paper and eBay. I found myself watching a lot of different sets but none of them were the ‘perfect’ set. 

Last week – I was very excited to see a white 3 piece set a few years old but in  good condition on EBay. Listed at £70 and based just 5 miles away. I couldn’t risk this going. I emailed the seller and we agreed on a buy it now price of £100. What a result! An ex £599.00 3 piece mamas and papas furniture set for £100. My fiancé and brother in law picked it up and I was over the moon with it. 



We decided to have a feature wall. One of the reasons I chose the wallpaper I did is because I didn’t want anything too young/baby related. We don’t plan on staying in this home for more than 2 years before selling so ideally I wanted the room to appeal to a buyer whilst also being perfect for our little boy. 

I chose a ‘deck chair’ stripe wallpaper from B&Q,  we only needed 2 rolls and they were £9.00 each.

I chose a B&Q sky blue colour paint in silk. The tub was around £13.00 and that was enough to give two layers on the walls. 

  We did  all the work ourselves and felt really proud after! 


One of the problems we have in our home is the lack of storage. Therefore I wanted to try and be storage wise in the nursery for everything to have a place. 

Here are some of the pieces I have got so far:

Large white basket £4.99 – Homebargains store. Perfect for the early years soft toys. 

Hard cream baskets £2.99 each The Range Store. 


 Baskets that for perfectly on top of the wardrobe – £0.99p each from the 99p Store. 
Blue plastic baby hangers 0.59p for a pack of 6 – Home Bargains 

Under the cot I have put roller boxers for all the toiletries and nappies for be stored away. I already had these and had got a pack of 2 from Argos for £9.99. 

We still have the mattress to get where we won’t be cutting any corners and will be getting a full prices spring mattress from John Lewis but I think this is important and hopefully means it will last longer. 

We also purchased a black out roller blind from Dunelm for £11.99. 

We are so pleased with the nursery. I am currently washing and ironing  all the clothes and putting them in there places 💙💙 it all feels like it is coming together nicely. Without spending a crazy amount of money! 

 Plaque £1.99 Home Bargains  
One of the things to remember is that all the searching for the right items to come up can take time and patience. Especially when you just want to get it done. Luckily we had enough time to keep an eye out for the bargain pieces. 

I love the nursery just as much as I would have if we had spent a fortune! 

Whether you do your nursery on a budget or pay full price for everything. It’s such an exciting room to put together and it really creates that ‘reality’ feeling. I find myself walking in and out of there just to have a look around and imagine our little boy in there 💙. 

F*** You Hormones … 

At 27 + 3 I have come to realise that the hormones of a pregnant women can not solely be blamed on the individual. 

My fiancé currently deserves a gold shiny medal for putting up with me. 

8pm – “You’re so funny, I love you so much”. 

8:02pm – “Why did you leave the fish in the freezer after it had been defrosted?!”

8:05pm – cuddling on the sofa

8:10pm – crying at anything & everything on tv at the time… 

And that is just a mild version of the rollercoaster these hormones can play part of. 

Luckily my fiancé just seems to laugh a lot of it off. I openly say, I think I’m feeling a bit hormonal and he tends to be mindful to this. Even if sometimes he does like to play around with them a little bit. 

I’m finding myself getting angry at the lack of manners strangers have. If someone doesn’t say thank you when I let them out of a side road, let them into the lane while driving … If they don’t say thank you, flash their lights or in anyway acknowledge the very kind nature, I find myself expressing my annoyance of this to myself in the car. Usually along the lines of, “no worries, t*sser”.  I need my very own sensor! 

At the shop a man walked out into me, as I have been brought up properly I automatically said sorry, did he?! Considering HE walked in to me? No. My reaction, “not to worry!” At a very loud volume. To which I got a look off him. Probably thinking ‘crazy pregnant lady’. In my eyes, ‘that taught him!’    

And the tears. Oh my word. Usually I’m quite a tough cookie. However, show me a puppy, tell me something nice, a sad movie, a sad/happy advert. Pretty much anything goes and be sure to pass me the tissues. 

As the countdown is on with just over 12 weeks to go it’s safe to say, I am looking forward to being in control of my emotions again soon. Although I have heard it is even worse right after having the baby. (Watch this space). 

Third Trimester Time 😁


This week we move into the final trimester. I won’t lie and say I am not worried because quite frankly, I am. I am a ‘little’ apprehensive about what is to come. As I previously have written about,  trimester one was not easy, it was horrific! I do not want to now lose the safety net that weeks 18-26 have given me. 

I have read some articles suggesting the second trimester is when you can really enjoy all the lovely parts of pregnancy and remain put on your pregnancy cloud of fluff and happiness. After all your beautiful bump is growing nicely, sickness tends to slow down for a lot of people and you really glow, you can still move around.  I am very aware this is not the case for everyone and I feel very lucky, ridiculously lucky that this has how it has been for me recently. 

I truly take nothing for granted in this pregnancy. That is the one thing I can take from that horrific time in my life of hyperemesis – to enjoy every other bit. 

I have had the odd dead leg, painful back, sleepless night, acid reflux but after having the sickness these things all feel very minuscule and as my bump has been expanding (at a rapid pace!) I would quite like to stay on my cloud of happy pregnancy fluff.  

I love the bond I am growing with our little boy. I find myself talking to him more and more and having moments where I cuddle my bump and remember the blessing I have inside of me. I am enjoying each and every little movement. Every morning I wake up and put my hand on my tummy and love the moments I get a little high five back. Reminding me we are in this together 💙. 

Come on third trimester I am totally ready for you … I think! 

Feeling a little clueless 

So it dawned on me today that we are actually going to have a baby in under 4 months … We are HAVING A BABY. 

We are having our very own little boy, a little boy that will call us Mummy and Daddy. 

It hit me that as his Mummy and Daddy we are going to be the people who he solely depends on. 

I feel like I knew this, I want this and I can’t wait for this, however … 

I don’t know anything! I feel ever so clueless. 

I had a good clean of our home today and came across the clothes we have been gradually getting for him. I thought it would be a lovely idea to organise these into piles of sizes ready for when we’ve finished the nursery. Well … I sort of wish I hadn’t. It got me thinking, thinking about how things work.  Not just the clothes but everything else. 

It started off with me piling the clothes into size groups. So we had newborn, up one month, 0-3 months. What I don’t understand is what the difference is? I found myself putting the baby grows against each other and seeing what difference there was, some there was barely any difference at all in, some were much bigger and some much smaller. It got me worried. Worried about what to expect about everything else. It’s probably the hormones and the realisation that the day is drawing closer – overthinking is not good and I am sure when it all happens I will just do what needs to be done. 
Forgive me if this is baby brain but I feel it’s just the start of my cluelessness of motherhood. 
Feeling slightly anxious as a result 😁 any words of wisdom would be much appreciated 👌 

24 week update

So I have now hit 24 weeks! ☺️ 
Time is flying by now. I can’t believe in 16 weeks our due date will be here. I have yet to think about that point! (Labour has not entered my mind yet, only briefly when people ask – but I feel that can wait just for a little bit!) 

How I am feeling:

This second trimester has by far been better than the first. The sickness has stopped and although I still feel slightly low about the sickness I did have, I am fully embracing the fact I can eat and live a more ‘normal’ life. 

Hormones are up and down – I find myself crying to all sorts of tv programmes and even feeling guilty about being that little bit lazy! 

However, I have started to embrace things now that I can feel more ‘myself’. 

I have started swimming and I have joined a pregnancy yoga group. Both of these have made a positive impact and it’s lovely to meet other pregnant ladies and to feel a bit healthier. Yoga is amazing and I would recommend it to every pregnant lady. (I will write about it once I’ve been to more classes). 

The Bump:

It’s safe to say I have had my biggest growth spurt since becoming pregnant. I feel huge! I was over thinking it far too much though. I was worried I was getting too big as I had been comparing myself to other people due around the same time. 

What I have learnt is a very valid lesson for any pregnant lady. No belly is the same! At yoga we take it in turns introducing our selves and saying how far along we are. I realised in this class that there are women that are the same amount of weeks as me who have bellies bigger, smaller, rounder, more toned, less toned. 

I had spent far too much time worrying about this, I regret it now. The most important thing is that all of our babies are progressing and growing. I have now started to finally embrace it! (It’s only taken 24 weeks) 😁. 

The bump is getting harder every day. According to my apps our little man is now 30cms long and can no longer fully stretch in my uterus. My uterus is well above my belly button now. 

Dead leg:

Today I experienced a slight dead leg in my left leg. It felt like I needed to move it and stretch the whole time. I had been walking around a lot today which I think is why I had it. I read a little about it and apparently it is an effect of the pregnancy and is normal. My fiancé gave it a good massage and it soon disappeared. 

I am using my long body pillow to keep myself sleeping on my side. I get the occasional nights with less sleep but in general apart from 2-3 toilet trips a night I am sleeping well. 

Getting organised:

I am starting to think a lot more about what needs to be done before the baby arrives. Writing lists has become a new favourite of mine and it makes me feel a little bit more organised. Plus I am starting to get a bit forgetful! 
What I am loving:

The kicks. They have become a lot stronger. Even just the past week. My belly now moves when I get strong kicks which is amazing. I feel far more kicks/movement now too as he has got so much bigger. It’s very reassuring and it makes the bond feel even stronger. 

It can be a bit of a breath taking moment at times – when I have had a few big movements. 

I love that my fiancé can see my belly move and feel him. Our little man seems to know when James puts his hand on my belly as I get an instant kick – a ‘hello daddy’ is the way I like to think of it. 

James is bonding with the baby by listening to the kicks. Feeling them and also spending time putting the creams and oil on my belly. It really is a lovely experience and I am glad he enjoys and embraces it. He’s going to be an amazing Dad 💙. 

16 weeks to go… Apparently our baby is due to get a lot, lot bigger over the next 4 weeks and as a result so will I. 

I love that each week that goes by now, our baby has a much higher percentage of survival. 💙❤️ 


Nesting 💙

This weekend my fiancé and I took it upon ourselves to get our bedroom decorated. We have recently been doing up our home but the bedroom, nursery and kitchen still need a bit of a RE vamp. Even though it makes no difference to the baby at all there is a side of us that want it perfect before we bring our man to his new home. 💙

We picked the wallpaper from next home: http://www.next.co.uk/x5d5148s6#652197×55 I’d already got the matching bedding from next. I love grey and white at the moment. 

James did a fantastic job of putting up the wallpaper. Neither of us had done it before. He painted the walls a slate grey colour before finishing with the wall paper. 
  The wallpaper and bedding (both from next) go well with the furniture we had recently RE vamped using Annie Sloan chalk paint. It’s so easy to use. No prep is needed. 

Paint: Annie Sloan

Handles: The range  

We are really pleased with the room ☺️  Next job …. The nursery!