Emotions are high!  

My little Joey bear is currently full of cold, coughing a fever and generally feeling pretty pants. 

My SPD is still causing me a lot of pain and well I’m just pretty hormonal at the moment. Anything can make me cry and little things are really getting to me. The sort of things that usually I wouldn’t even give a second thought. I’ve unfollowed so many people on Facebook / I am having a lot less patience with stuff people do/ lack of effort from certain people and seem to just have this different perspective where I think, I’m not making effort with that person anymore or actually your negativity is annoying me 😂. Maybe it’s a good thing! 

I guess at 5.5 months pregnant it’s getting to that point where there are a lot of changes going on, the hormones are up and down – my skin is just awful! It’s never been so bad, which doesn’t help when I am feeling like I’m ballooning quite rapidly and losing a lot of confidence in myself as it is. I love my bump, my body is doing an amazing thing to grow our little lady & it’s way to forget this. At times like this I remind myself how lucky I am, what a miracle this is and how stretch marks, growing hips and bum are all part of what my body needs to do. 

It’s really important to take the positives from each moment, whether challenging or not. We think this will be our last baby to complete our family so I am really trying to just enjoy it all, the good and the bad. 

With Joey being poorly. I laid and watched him sleeping for ages. As sad and as hard as these poorly times are, they also allow for me to reflect on so much. My little 2 year old is growing up. Watching him sleep as he wants to be by my side and calls for mummy. I need to just take these moments in, cherish them and lock them up in my memory box, because one day he won’t want me when he is poorly. I won’t be able to lay next to him listening to his little snore, ananalysing every single feature on his beautiful face that at these times makes him look like my once little round faced baby. Getting teary over his little freckle he gained by his nose on our honeymoon. 😍

I love him so much, I will always protect him, be here when he needs me and forever put him first. He is going to be an incredible big brother. 

With 17 weeks to go I’ve been thinking about how hard having a toddler and newborn will be but these times, amongst the emotions are a reminder of how quick time passes us, how each day we can never get back. Enjoy them, take them in ❤️ every part of them. 

Suspected SPD during pregnancy 

It’s safe to say that pregnancy and myself aren’t always the best of friends. During my last pregnancy I had 20 weeks of sickness (severe) and this time I’ve had 16 weeks of sickness. 

After the sickness stopped, especially this time around I thought, “finally, I can start to enjoy the pregnancy”. I appreciate and feel so blessed to be able to carry my little bubs but I have to admit when I am being sick many times a day it’s hard to really take in the fact that I am creating a little life inside of me. Since then, I’ve been able to enjoy the first kicks, see my growing bump, enjoy the news we are having a girl and all those little first moments. 

Fast forward to 22 weeks pregnant. Still of course cherishing every little moment, the stronger kicks, dads first kick, my toddler starting to realise what’s happening and hearing him say “little sister” and kiss mummy’s belly. However I’ve started to get a lot of pain throughout my body. It’s been like it from very early on, as early as 12 weeks maybe even before. However the pain has massively increased recently. Including:

Pain down my legs

Pain in my bum cheeks 

Pain in my Pubic area 

My lower back (horrendous pain here) 

And in general I’ve lost balance very easily, I can’t put my weight onto one leg, turning in the bed at night is excruciating and this just seemed to be getting worse. On Wednesday and Thursday night last week I really struggled to sleep. Not the pregnancy insomnia where my mind is twirling around with all the need to dos but from pain shooting through various parts of my body. My lower back and legs being the worst at night. When trying to move I felt paralysed to the bed. This sounds really extreme but it’s the only way I can describe the feeling. I also kept getting a few shooting pins and needles through my left foot. 

I had to call in sick the next day and got an immediate doctors appointment, I was so worried something was wrong. After the doctor speaking to me, checking me over and assessing the situation it was suggested to me that I have SPD. I remember my sister having this during her first pregnancy but that’s all I knew about it. 

I’ve been referred for urgent physio and I’ve got an appointment today, luckily they referred me to a private practice for a quick response because apparently the nhs have a 3 month waiting list. 

Even since my appointment Friday, with the best intentions of sitting correctly, taking it easy (not so easy with a 2 year old!) the pain has continued and at times worsened. Walking up the stairs various parts of my body making a quiet clicking noise, I can’t stand on one leg properly and in general moving around is getting harder. My lower back has a constant ache to it. I’m really hoping that I get a lot from the physio, ideas on how to manage it and hopefully suggestions on what I can do to ensure it doesn’t get worse. With 17 weeks still left, teaching in year two and having a toddler and the general house and shopping errands to continue I am starting to panic. 

I am feeling very emotional too! Got to my physio appointment after they called me saying can you come in 40 minutes rushed over and they said they didn’t have my appointment and could I come back at 5. After embarrassingly crying like a baby they changed It to 12. So I’ve wiped down the tears, put some unflattering foundation under my eyes and I am currently sat waiting for my appointment. 
I will let you know how it goes. If you have any suggestions on easing the pain, managing pregnancy SPD please leave a comment below to help me and anyone else reading. xx 

Expectation vs Reality 

After finishing Hartbeeps this morning with Joey I thought it would be nice to go to the shop to buy some ingredients to make some post nap cakes. 

Off to the shop we went, Joey was being so sensible walking through the car park with me, I figured it was a good idea to let him play a part in getting the food we needed and therefore no trolley was needed. We could handle a basket together. First mistake right there. He ran for the fruit, I can see why as usually that’s the first bit I go to on our weekly shop. He was being very helpful, I’m sure! He rejoined me after grabbing a carrot and taking a bite out of it. Next incident was down the dairy aisle, bumping into a friend and stopping to say hello, probably not the best idea as it gave Joey time to pick up a four pint of milk and stick it in the basket – squashing the double cream all over, creating a creamy puddle that he thought would then be a great idea to jump in! Managing to back him away from the puddle of temptation my friend thankfully called someone over to help. Saying bye to each other I went off Joey in hand explaining it wasn’t very sensible to do that, whilst the cream from all over the basket dribbled it’s way down my black skinny jeans. Making a quick stop to the pre packaged – cake boxes I figured this was a far easier option to get in and out of the shop. 

As stressful as it felt, I have to say though that Joey was happy the whole time, meaning to help but causing a few mishaps along the way. 

After his nap (which I have to admit I napped at the same time as him today, this growing bump and a trolley less shop around Asda really took it out of me) we made some cakes, nice and simple cakes which Joey lost interest in, on and off and much preferred attempting to eat raw cake mix, cover himself and me in icing. However it was fun, Joey enjoyed it, he took great pride in showing Daddy when he got home and well, I’m very full on sugar right now! Happy days. 

Expectations were slightly different from the outcome but Joey would never have known and had a great time, just a shame I can’t have a glass of wine right now! 

Enjoy our short vlog. I’d hoped to capture more but it didn’t quite happen! 

Potty training part 2:

I haven’t updated for a while about potty training because actually we started, it lasted 6 hours. After 9 accidents, no want to go near the potty and the complete look of sadness and disappointment on my bears face each time he weed I just didn’t want to follow it on. 

I felt it was a sign that it was too early, he obviously didn’t know until after doing it that he even needed to wee. We had only just moved into our new house too, it just didn’t feel right. Why stress ourselves out. I also couldn’t bare to see that face of Joeys looking disappointed in himself. 

After the way he has developed over the past few months, huge amounts. His talking is just non stop and he’s been telling me he was about to wee a lot more and seemed more aware of a lot. We decided to wait until the new year and give it another try, if he seemed ready. Which he did. 

We stayed in most of New Year’s Eve and Joey had taken an interest in his pants in his drawer so I figured I would role with it and see what happened. No pressure! On us or him, if it didn’t work, if he wasn’t ready then we would wait. 

So far, all is going better than I could have imagined. I got a bigger potty for him because he has a big bum, one that doesn’t fit in 2-3 or even some 3-4 pants. In fact, we’ve moved over to using boxers. He much prefers them, they’re easier to pull down and his bum cheeks aren’t hanging out of them. They’re also very cute! So the big potter is much more comfortable for him. So I’d highly suggest making sure you really check the potty before buying it. Joey is so much bigger than the average two year old with super long legs some potty’s were very uncomfortable for him he therefore didn’t want to sit on them for long. We ended up with a wider and taller Tesco one that was cheaper than any other we had seen. 

Yesterday he managed to have 3 accidents straight away, to which I wasn’t concerned about and was thinking I’d stop trying again and wait. Then a little later, I was in the kitchen and he came running in shouting with excitement, “I did it, I did it!” He had. He weeed in his potty, by himself. Massive praise from me, a sticker on his new shiny sticker chart for potty training that I got for a couple of pounds from eBay and that was it. No accidents since. 11 wees, two poos later, he is so proud of himself every time. So are we. God knows what I’ll be like at later accomplishments in his life. Even his first poo photo got sent to the family whatsapp group, grandparents were called and he was promised a banana milkshake! 

The issue we are however facing is that when he is quick to run to the potty for a wee he fails to pull down his pants. So he wees through them. I’m not too concerned and we can work on it. I’m just glad he’s knowing when he needs to go and what he needs to do. 

I return back to work on Wednesday and I imagine this may play a part in setting him back a little but I will keep you updated. 
Isn’t it amazing how proud they can make you feel. Even when stinking of wee and poo, cleaning endless wet pants and forever hanging onto is he/isn’t he needing to go and not wanting to leave the house … just incase! 
Any advice, funny stories please share them with me!  We can be on the potty journey together! 
Here is the sticker chart we used and I know, No one wants to see it, but a very solid first poo in the potty. You are welcome! 


I’ve been wanting to share for a while but I’ve had such a busy few months feeling sick, being sick, running after my energetic toddler, moving into our family home and teaching that I’ve not had the chance to blog. 
So here I am 1st January promising to make more time to write, share and I am even going to start vlogging a little! 
The news is that my little Joey bear, my bouncy two year old that doesn’t stop talking, moving or showing me love, is going to be a BIG BROTHER. To his little sister. Due in May 💕. He is going to be a wonderful big brother, already asking me to ‘get her out mummy’ 

I’m ready to share more, on the journey to my second baby and look forward to it all. Even if I am completely crapping myself for the labour and recovery. Given the past. However that’s a whole other post for the future. 

Happy new year to you all. May it be a healthy and happy one xxx 

Those little moments are the biggest ❤

My boy is a full on boy.

 He’s lively, doesn’t like to sit still for more than 5 minutes (2 minutes more like!!) loves anything to do with sport, loves hats, doesn’t always like to use cutlery and is a stubborn little monkey when he wants to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about him! 22 months and loving every minute of life (minus the minutes he has to brush his teeth!) 

He makes me laugh and smile multiple times a day.  I love him SO much. ❤​
This is a video of him finishing his drum session that followed on from dancing around the room to 90s songs whilst making myself and James gallop around the room! 

He spent some time today learning his name!