Those little moments are the biggest ❤

My boy is a full on boy.

 He’s lively, doesn’t like to sit still for more than 5 minutes (2 minutes more like!!) loves anything to do with sport, loves hats, doesn’t always like to use cutlery and is a stubborn little monkey when he wants to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about him! 22 months and loving every minute of life (minus the minutes he has to brush his teeth!) 

He makes me laugh and smile multiple times a day.  I love him SO much. ❤​
This is a video of him finishing his drum session that followed on from dancing around the room to 90s songs whilst making myself and James gallop around the room! 

He spent some time today learning his name! 

Potty training, when is the ‘right’ time? 

Joey has been able to know when he needs a poo for a good four months now. He goes off and finds his hiding place and comes back to us once he is done. So about two months ago I got a potty and introduced him to it so he would become familiar with it. Since then he sits on it fully clothed and tells me he will do a ‘poo poo’ by the time I get his clothes off he’s changed his mind and runs away. 

He has successfully done one poo and two wees on it. However because we were going on holiday and he wasn’t too keen about trying again any other time I decided it wasn’t the right time. Not for him alone but also us. 

So I have been searching to see when the best time to potty train him is, I want to do it 100% and it’s about finding the right time. I occasionally try and cease the opportunity if he initiates potty time but so far the past month he really only picks it up and throws it about or puts it on his head announcing that he is wearing a hat! I’ve kept his nappy off twice most of the day during the summer to pop out of the room, returning to a very smelly living room and Joey holding my hand to guide me towards the corner he has decided to poo in, with poo all down his legs. I gave up and decided he was not ready and I don’t want to force it. 

With being a teacher I can’t book time off to have a big block of time to help train him and because he goes to my mums, my mother in laws and spends two days with me he doesn’t have a consistent place where we can really get him into the swing of things. 

So I’ve decided that I am going to give it a go during the October half term. By this time he will be 23 months old. Almost 2… he’s so switched on, almost too much to the point where he knows how to outsmart me sometimes so I am a little anxious as to how it’s going to go! 

Because the October half term is just a week I decided to purchase Gina Ford’s book “Potty training in one week”. 

This book is going to be my nightime read for the next few weeks and I’m going to take as many tips from it as possible, as I always say though I don’t believe one set rule will work for any child and you have to let the child guide it a little! 

I will keep you all up to date with how it goes. I wish I was more hopeful but I’ll give it a go! 
Watch this space! 💩💩💩

Have you ever… 

Yesterday I was going out for dinner with my gal pals. I treated myself to a quick shower after sorting dinner and smelling like grilled sausages. When it was time to dry my hair I couldn’t find any of my 3 hair brushes! Joey enjoys playing with them and my make up and just when I thought I knew all of his hiding places, it turns out in desperate times he found somewhere new!

After a while of searching and sharing the annoyance of my lost hairbrushes to a pre occupied husband I resulted to using a washing up brush. I actually felt very proud of myself for not stressing about it and improvising.  (It was brand spanking new FYI)! 

It got me thinking about how little phases me now. I am very good at adapting and rolling with what needs must! I know this is very minor but usually something like that would have really bugged me.  It wasn’t until today when I shared this information with some girls at work that I realised this really isn’t normal to everyone 😂. #mumproblems 

Further thinking lead to me laughing to myself whilst reminded myself of some of the similar situations to hairbrush scenario and wishing that I had noted down all of the strange little moments that the motherhood path has lead. There’s so many I can’t even remember I am sure. 

Here are just a few I could think of that would hands down have me very drunk at a mums game of …  

I have never:

  • had a baby sick directly into my mouth 😷 
  • Sat on the toilet having a wee with a toddler strapped to me whilst reading ‘agghh spider’ 🕷 
  • Had poo sprayed all over me💩
  • Had food thrown directly at my face by a toddler innocently learning to ‘throw’ and ‘catch’🤧
  • Been head butted so hard in the nose I cried in front of my toddler 🤕
  • tried my own breast milk  🍼 

There’s a common theme here and it involves a lot of bodily fluid! Here’s a non baby related

  • I have never attempted to fix a puncture myself on my car instead of patiently waiting for the RAC using a plaster that I felt ingeniously purchased from the local garage. Shocked to discover it didn’t work. 🙄
  • Confused Albert Einstein for the guy who created baked beans “Albert Heinzstein” … (easy mistake?!)

Are there any situations you’ve had similar as a result of a toddler? Have you found yourself whispering ‘what the ….’ to yourself. 

Share them with me and make me feel more normal! Improvising is one of the key skills to being a mum after all. 

Honeymoon with a toddler! 🥂☀️🌊💍

We finally got to go on our honeymoon! 

We tied the knot in December but decided to hold out until the school holidays to go on our honeymoon. We’d been on a mini moon which I previously posted about but this was our 2 weeks in the sun all inclusive honeymoon. Or as we call it due to taking our son “familymoon”. 

We chose to go to a family life resort through thomson, I had heard a lot about these being good for children of all ages, to become a family life hotel they need to tick a lot of boxes to prove that the hotel/resort will cater for all children. 

This isn’t everyone’s idea of a honeymoon. It was completely ours though, we decided to have our little man before getting married and therefore wouldn’t of dreamt of leaving him at home, especially for two weeks! 

We found a resort that seemed to be perfect for us all but mainly we picked what would be best for Joey. After all if he was happy & entertained then we were happy. We wanted:

Sun, sea, sand, toddler pools, a range of restaurants and somewhere that didn’t have huge high rise hotels also one that wasn’t going to be too far away on the plane!
That’s exactly what we got! 

We had the best time. The whole two weeks was so much fun! Joey loved all the characters that Thomson have, he loved evening music he enjoyed getting up and dancing to. (Almost as much as us!).  His language developed further, he grew very confident and found a real love for swimming. The resort had so many pools and restaurants that it didn’t feel repetitive at all. Each day could be mixed up for a change. 
We visited the Blue lagoon princess hotel in Kalives (Halkidiki) Greece. It was a dream 😍

The staff were brilliant, we couldn’t fault them. They could never do enough and we were in complete luxury for the two weeks we spent here. The staff worked so hard from morning to evening. 

My favourite feature of the hotel was that it had a beach basically attached to it. So you could spend some time at the beach and then go back to the pool, this was perfect with having a toddler with us. 

There is a water sports company on the beach. We hired a jet ski and took out a pedalow on another day. Really enjoyed both! The men that look after the beach spend a lot of time taking and maintaining its beauty. The beach it’s self was a sand/shingle beach. Wasn’t a problem for us, Joey was still about to make sand castles and the sea was crystal clear. 

We hired a cabana on the beach which was a bonus. It was perfect to get Joey out of the sun for a bit. It also included drink service and a huge bowl of fruit. Bean bags and beach towels. 

The food was very varied, we were able to eat at the main restaurant and also the two other restaurants. One being the Green and Grill which allowed you to BBQ your own meat, some people staying didn’t like this but we personally really enjoyed it! When sitting at this restaurant you also get to see the sun setting. In fact every night the hotels beautifil surroundings meant no matter where you were you could watch the gorgeous sun set over the greenery and mountains. Stunning! 

The evening entertainment was really good and a wide variety. The kids show at the start of the night was actually always my favourite. Watching my son dancing away and getting excited with us occasionally joining in too. My husband obviously enjoyed the night he was pulled on stage with the clowns too! For us those were the moments you wanted to pause. Smiles and laughter all around! The kids show was then followed by a different show each night. Sometimes a show by the reps who were very talented and worked bloody hard! Or some nights like the Greek night there were hotel staff etc. We didn’t stay for all the shows but what we did see was great. My favourite being the musicals ones. 

The only down fall was the entertainment being in the amphitheatre. It was perfect for most families. Just the ones with toddlers we’re having to chase around a lot to ensure they didn’t run down the stairs. We ended up sitting at the front each night and trying to get Joey to not climb up the stairs. I can see why they have it though, perfect for Most and to be honest I didn’t ever expect to be sat down much anyway.  Something I felt we got to do a lot more than I had initially thought during our time away. 
Joey really surprised me. I mean he is a very good boy, just full of beans. He doesn’t seem to not to stop, EVER. I think in a way that’s what I hadn’t realised before going. I, in my mind had the thought that I would constantly be chasing him and asking him to come back. I mean don’t get me wrong there was the odd occasions where he would leg it from the toddler pool ready to dive into the large pool. He has NO fear!! However he was so busy all the time, occupied and loving life to the full that he was just very content. 

Good times were a bit more of a challenge. Usually he tucks in to his food no problem, with the heat he just didn’t have much of an appetite. So for us it wasn’t too relaxing, again we knew this would be the case and planned ahead. iPad, colouring books, crayons, toys etc. Anything that could mean we could get through our dinner and of course try a few deserts. 😉. Much to some people’s disappointment I am sure. But sometimes Peppa pig is the only way froward. Let’s be honest. 
A couple of negatives:

Mosquitos – luckily we weren’t effected really. We wore bands & repellent

Snacks – only at one bar. Could do with the other pools having some especially ice cream at the family pool. 

Flooring – rooms are very slippery! Slippers are provided though! My son got a black eye and bruised nose from falling twice. I’ve rushed to our room though by the fab hotel workers. 

Main buffet – trousers need to be worn but it’s so hot. Not ideal. 
Small negatives! The positives completely weigh out these but that’s what I would personally change. 
The kids clubs looked great and if it wasn’t for my son napping 3 hours in a day giving us some mummy and daddy (hubby did wifey time) then we may have used them. I just didn’t feel the need to. 

I could go on for ages about the hotel as there was SO much there! We ventured out a few times to some local villages but really we just enjoyed the fun, chilled family time. It was brilliant. I love my family and this was exactly what we had hoped for. I would 100% go back again. In brief some more positives were the room options, all sorts of choices, the beds (omg) the bed was stupidly comfortable and HUGE. Cleanliness – couldn’t fault it. The cleaners came twice a day and they were miracle workers. The place is also very flat. Perfect for puschairs and wheelchairs. We’ve come home with so many memories, a thousand plus pictures and songs that will never leave our heads!! 

Thank you Greece, blue lagoon princess for a fantastic honeymoon! From the bubbles and flowers on arrival 🥂 to the minute we sadly checked out… you were great! We can’t wait to come back another time. 

I love being a mum … Is that ok? 

Being a mum is my favourite, I’m good at it. I think?  I know? Is that ok to say? Probably not … 

Don’t get me wrong, some days are more challenging than others but I genuinely love it. Stupid amounts. 

I feel like sometimes the fact that I love it isn’t ok.  

Yes, I am more likely to share happy family photos on social media and share a status that discusses the amazing milestones in my sons life before the ones of crazy moments. Although I have also been known to share moments like my son being sick in my mouth. However I almost feel guilty for loving it. If I say something positive am I upsetting somebody who’s had a crap nights sleep, a child who doesn’t eat anything yet Joey will eat most things put in front of him. Should I feel guilty? I find myself almost down playing my wonderful sleeper, eater, charming boy that I am proud of. Just to not upset anyone. 

I have shit days. I have good days. I just find I focus more on those ‘wow’ days because that’s how my mind works. 

I am proud of myself as a mum. Most of my life I’ve had low self esteem in everything I’ve ever done. I’ve at times of course doubted my parenting abilities, questioned myself and given myself a hard time but I guess that’s why I remind myself of the positives, the wonderful things I do, the enjoyment I get on a daily basis from having my son. I don’t feel negative towards anyone that plays a different approach to this. I just don’t want to feel bad for the way I am. I am not hiding anything. I’m not putting on a front. I give my all to being a mum. I’m thankful for it every single day. 

I’m a very competitive person but I am not a competitive mother, I don’t try and out do anyone, I read a lot.  I also read my son a lot. I take on advice but I also trust myself. Give things a go. Laugh / cry when things go wrong. Rejoice and learn when things go right.

I get anxiety with certain situations in life. I care a lot about what people think of me as a person, in my job, in life. But not very much as a mum. I think that’s what makes me proud of myself. I trust myself as a mum. 
I enjoy spending time just me and my son. Our adventures. The cuddles, the laughs, the falls, the trials. Being a mum has made me a better person and I find it more natural than anything else I’ve ever done in my life. 

I genuinely LOVE being a mum. Please don’t suck out my positivity.

18 Months – what an amazing age! 

18 months already!!

It so hard to believe I have an 18 month old. He may look like a  two year old but I still look at him as my little baby ❤. He really does makes me proud every day.

  I am a typical Mum (if you like) who thinks every single word, song he joins in with or ball he throws is the most advanced an 18 month old has EVER been. Now I really don’t want to be ‘one of those mums’ I don’t want him to think he can never do wrong. However at this point in his life at such a young age I feel it’s ok to be the gleaming, proud and admiring mother. 

For a few months now he’s  been kicking & throwing balls, shouting “catch” before anyone can get the chance to duck, it’s quite hilarious because myself and James always turn to each other and say, “he is so good at throwing/kicking/balancing …” and so on. Before deciding who he takes after. 

He’s  a total bookworm reading endless books a day. To which I take great pride in. A book lover myself. I’ve always made sure since the day he was born to ensure books are a normal part of life, a piece of furniture in the room. I’ve always left a large basket of books in the front room and his bedroom for him to pick and choose from. I love it when I am doing something and turn around to see that he has picked a book, sat in the chair and is looking through it, turning pages and pointing to objects on the page and saying what they are or making noises for the animals. He remembers everything. When we are out at about if he sees a picture of a spider he will just scream. Thanks you ‘agghh Spider’ spider 🕷. 

He’s an explorer, running around non stop. Yet he is such a gentle giant. He Cares so much for others already, gives out cuddles to many, he kisses, says please, thank you and takes huge pleasure out of helping with little jobs, finishing with a high 5. He’s very aware of his sense of humour & knows how to make us laugh & smile every day. #proudmum 

There are of course times where I want the ground to swallow me up, for example a recent class we went to. We turned up, new. Feeling a little nervous and Joey decided he didn’t want to sit and sing with everyone. He wanted to take a little pushchair and walked it non stop around the room, kissing and stroking the head of the baby inside the pushchair and saying ‘ahhh’. He’s got a little cousin So we had to show him when Michael was born it was how to approach him. Saying, “gentle”. He has a strong personality and knows what he wants, I wouldn’t have him any other way. A complete chatterbox. That was always a given. Myself and James aren’t the quietest of people. 

I am also so proud of how we have been as parents & am so lucky to have my best friend by my side through it all.  xx